We’re throwing a WORLDWIDE FILM VIEWING PARTY… and you’re invited

Are you keen to co-create the 9th Annual #DirectedbyWomen Worldwide Film Viewing Party w/ screenings, house parties or other activities in your community sometime during September 2023? Do you resonate with this celebration? Shall we keep going?

You’re invited to co-create the party… wherever you are…

This is a joyous celebration… an opportunity to notice, explore, share, and delight in films/tv/webseries/expanded cinema and all other forms of motion picture creativity #DirectedbyWomen and Girls!

#DirectedbyWomen Worldwide Film Viewing Party | September 1-30, 2023

Why?  Because it’s going to be SO MUCH FUN!

We threw the first ever #DirectedbyWomen Worldwide Film Viewing Party September 1-15, 2015.  Filmmakers and filmlovers who engaged in the celebration found the experience invigorating and it inspired a sense of togetherness across the planet.  We decided once wasn’t enough.  We wanted ANOTHER!  And we wanted to spread out and take the WHOLE MONTH.  Of course we love to watch films by women directors all year long, but the global party gives us a chance to SUPERSATURATE the planet with awareness of and delight in films women have directed in a concentrated period of time. So we threw a second party in September 2016… and that was fun too.. so we just kept going every year… and we’re continuing on in 2023.

The planet is experiencing an EXPLOSION of filmmaking facilitated by women… and that’s not clearly understood by many… even those inside the global film community.  So this is a chance to help the world wake up to the richness of what women film directors are bringing into being…. and to invite the world to fall madly in love with films #DirectedbyWomen.

You get to choose how you want to celebrate.  Solo Celebrations, House Parties, Twitter Chats, Community Screenings, Festivals, Panels, etc. etc. etc.  What would you like to do?  Look around in your community and get something going.

Criteria for participation in the #DirectedbyWomen Worldwide Film Viewing Party: Activities focus on films by women directors, respect intellectual property rights, and are celebratory in nature. #DirectedbyWomen is a mixed gender community open to EVERYONE who wants to explore, celebrate and enjoy films by women directors.

Please extend the invitation far and wide.  I can’t wait to celebrate with you.

Don’t wait.  Make your own plans… anytime during the month of September…. any motion pictures directed by women… anywhere….

Use the #DirectedbyWomen hashtag to share about your celebrations and to invite others to join us.

Let’s see how many women directors and how many of their films/TV episodes/etc. we can celebrate together in one glorious 30 day global party!

What belongs on the global calendar?  Any event taking place anywhere in the world during the month of September that involves appreciation of women directors and their work. These events could be created specifically for the Worldwide Film Viewing Party, but that’s not a requirement. This calendar is a place to help folks discover films by women directors and perhaps have a chance to see and celebrate their work with other film lovers.


Barbara Ann O’Leary
Catalyst, #DirectedbyWomen