Join the #DirectedbyWomen Worldwide Film Viewing Party | September 1 – 30, 2018…

Help build #DirectedbyWomen’s GLOBAL Calendar


You’re invited to co-create the content on #DirectedbyWomen’s new Global events calendar!

Let’s pack the new calendar FULL of screenings, streaming/disc release dates, TV airing dates, crowdfunding campaigns, panels, workshops, Twitter chats, podcasts and other events related to women film/TV/video/webseries directors and their work. And let’s make sure this calendar is GLOBAL in scope!

List your own events… or events you’ve heard about. Let’s build awareness… and make it really easy for people to experience the work of women film directors.

Two simple ways to contribute listings to the events calendar…


  1. Fill out the Community events form.  Please be thorough.  Provide dates/times/places, descriptions, images, video links, and links to the official event listing site as well as details about venues and organizers. Make sure the name(s) of the women film directors are prominently featured.  Possible event listing title:  “[Film Title] directed by [Director(s)’s name(s)]”  I’ll review and process community contributions as quickly as possible, but please plan ahead.
  2. If the event has a Facebook Events Page, share the link on the #DirectedbyWomen Facebook Page as a post to the page or via private message.  I’ll import the details to the calendar directly AND add it to the #DirectedbyWomen Facebook Events list as well. If you regularly share events involving women film directors on your public Facebook page, get in touch and we can explore the possibility of automating the process of including your events.  Let’s make sharing about women film director related events EASY.

Join the #DirectedbyWomen Calendar Content Team!

Obsessed with women directed motion picture content? Want to go above and beyond to help others discover the richness of what women have been creating in film, television, webseries, experimental film, expanded cinema, etc etc etc?  You’re invited to join #DirectedbyWomen’s newly forming calendar content team.  Can you commit to 5 (or more) event listings per week (on average)? That would be GREAT! I want to hear from you. Thanks so much!


EVERYONE… now is the time to make your plans for #DirectedbyWomen2016 ~ the second Worldwide Film Viewing Party: September 1-30, 2016! Let’s get EVERYONE in the global film community engaged this time around.  It’s going to be SO MUCH FUN!

We’re building a culture of appreciation within the global film community! Thanks for being part of this joyous ongoing celebration of women film directors and their work.

Barbara Ann O’Leary
#DirectedbyWomen Catalyst


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