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The #DirectedbyWomen initiative is a true passion for me and it has been so exciting to see the ways this vision has resonated with so many people around the world. I feel deeply called to continue and expand this work. As the project has grown over the past few years, the need for financial backing has as well. I invite you to help make it possible for #DirectedbyWomen to flourish, allowing me to bring my energy, attention, time, and enthusiasm to the joyous tasks of noticing/gathering/sharing information about women directors and galvanizing global celebration of their work.

The global film community is undergoing a major sea change and you can play a vital role in making sure the transformation opens up space for women’s creative work to be embraced and valued.

Thank you for taking part as we explore potent new ways to notice, value, and celebrate women’s authentic creative expression! I can’t wait to see what unfolds next as we continue to move forward together. I’m thrilled to be on this epic journey of evolutionary discovery with you.

​Your support is needed, so please join #DirectedbyWomen on Patreon today—and invite your film and equality loving friends to join in as well.

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