THE VISION: 8,903+ people each give $1+ in honor of 8,903+ women film directors

The vision is to mobilize 8,903+ individuals to contribute at least $1 each to the ‪#‎DirectedbyWomen2016‬ Worldwide Film Viewing Party Generosity Campaign… as a way to help the world notice that there are MANY women film directors… and then, of course, I hope everyone who chips in will also take actions – large or small – to celebrate during the September 1-30, 2016 ‪#‎DirectedbyWomen‬ Worldwide Film Viewing Party! I think we could really make a strong statement if film lovers dive in.

Much appreciation for helping to get the word out. Thanks for engaging!

Generosity Campaign Page:


Barbara Ann O’Leary
#DirectedbyWomen Catalyst