september, 2019

fri20sepAll Daysun29Featured4th Femme Filmmakers Festival(All Day) Event Organized By: Filmotomy Country:Virtual

Event Details

An online film festival showcasing the short film works directed by women.

Promoting and encouraging live viewings, with details of where to stream / watch. This includes feature films and a curated selection of short films. Special focus on certain directors, podcasts, reviews, featured articles from passionate writers, interviews with filmmakers, as well as extensive coverage across social media to spread the word.

Runs for 10 days, with daily updates and coverage of the event at

Finding just 20 short films for the official selection from countless, excellent films was tricky business.

So, as well as those 20 shorts, speed across the 10 days of the online festival, are 21 feature films and a bunch of out of competition shorts. Our plan is, of course, to showcase all of these films – be it with streaming info, reviews, interviews, podcast appearances and discussions, extensive promotional activities etc.

Take at look at what’s on offer, and make sure your diary is clear from 20th to 29th September.


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    • September 20, 2019
    • 12:01am DAY ONE12:01am - 11:59pmPulsar (Aurora Fearnley) — Festival Opener – short film out of competition

      Ballin’ With No Balls (Emma Kreienberg) — short film Official Selection
      Control (Kimmy Gatewood) — short film Official Selection
      Little Pyongyang (Roxy Rezvany) — short film Official Selection

      Suffragette (Sarah Gavron)
      La Pointe-Courte (Agnès Varda)

    • September 21, 2019
    • 12:01am DAY TWO12:01am - 11:59pmSalam (Claire Fowler) — short film Official Selection
      Earth • People • Words (Dayna Reggero) — short film Official Selection

      Fitting (Emily Avila) — short film out of competition
      Paper Trail (Emily Brown) — short film out of competition

      Thirteen (Catherine Hardwick)
      My Skinny Sister (Sanna Lenken)
      Le Bonheur (Agnès Varda)

    • September 22, 2019
    • 12:01am DAY THREE12:01am - 11:59pmIt’s Been Too Long (Amber Schaefer) — short film Official Selection
      Family Portrait (Kelly Holmes) — short film Official Selection

      Presentation (Danielle Kampf) — short film out of competition
      Still Drifting (Lisa Williams) — short film out of competition

      Capernaum (Nadine Labaki)
      The Beaches of Agnès (Agnès Varda)

    • September 23, 2019
    • 12:01am DAY FOUR12:01am - 11:59pmThe Dress You Have On (Courtney Hope Therond) — short film Official Selection
      Night Walks (Julie Rodrigue) — short film Official Selection

      On My Way (Mary Dauterman) — short film out of competition

      Professor Marston and the Wonder Women (Angela Robinson)
      The Rider (Chloé Zhao)

    • September 24, 2019
    • 12:01am DAY FIVE12:01am - 11:59pmIn Full Bloom (Maegan Houang) — short film Official Selection
      The Law of Averages (Elizabeth Rose) — short film Official Selection

      Trauma on Tape (Danielle Rooker) — short film out of competition

      Mary Goes Round (Molly McGlynn)
      A Simple Life (Ann Hui)

    • September 25, 2019
    • 12:01am DAY SIX12:01am - 11:59pmSoledad (Jenn Page) — short film Official Selection
      Hyphen (Maria Servellon) — short film Official Selection

      Sour (Daniela Sherer) — short film out of competition

      On Her Shoulders (Alexandria Bombach)
      First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers (Angelina Jolie)

    • September 26, 2019
    • 12:01am DAY SEVEN12:01am - 11:59pmEVE (Lola Rose Bond) — short film Official Selection
      Thanksgiving (Van B. Nguyen) — short film Official Selection

      Back into the Dark (Bea Landers) — short film out of competition

      Nancy (Christina Choe)
      News From Home (Chantal Akerman)

    • September 27, 2019
    • 12:01am DAY EIGHT12:01am - 11:59pmBody World (Kitty Faingold) — short film Official Selection
      Once Upon a Line (Alicja Jasina) — short film Official Selection
      Somewhere (Mélody Boulissière) — short film Official Selection

      Laymun (Catherine Prowse, Hannah Quinn) — short film out of competition
      In the Distance (Florian Grolig) — short film out of competition

      Tigers Are Not Afraid (Issa López)
      Revenge (Coralie Fargeat)

    • September 28, 2019
    • 12:01am DAY NINE12:01am - 11:59pmGolf! (Julia Bales) — short film Official Selection
      The Morning After (Lauren Minnerath) — short film Official Selection

      Comedy School for Girls (Moreen Littrell) — short film out of competition
      Attraction (Emily Scaife) — short film out of competition

      A Silent Voice (Naoko Yamada)
      Somersault (Cate Shortland)
      Evolution (Lucile Hadžihalilović)

    • September 29, 2019
    • 12:01am DAY TEN12:01am - 11:59pmLocker Room (Greta Nash) — short film out of competition
      Opening Night (Margaret Bialis) — short film out of competition
      Gold (Cleo Samoles-Little) — short film out of competition

      Little Women (Gillian Armstrong)
      Edge of Seventeen (Kelly Fremon Craig)
      Lady Bird (Greta Gerwig)


september 20 (Friday) - 29 (Sunday)