A Global Collage: Short Films #DirectedbyWomen

As part of Indiana University’s celebration of International Education Week #DirectedbyWomen invites the community to a free screening of short films by women filmmakers from around the world. We are deeply appreciative to the filmmakers who have offered their films for this event.

Pava directed by Vaishnavi Sundar


This film is a portrayal of a metamorphosis of a relationship between a young girl and a barber. Appealing to the sensibilities and memories of growing up, we see how certain moments mark the crescendo of a relationship – not as an end, but as a portrait that will remain etched in the memory forever.

Story of Aishan directed by Hong jia bao

Story of Aishan

This an animated documentary I made for my friend, who has suffered blindness since she was born. Light is the only thing she can perceive through her eyes. In this animated documentary, fragments of our conversations have been edited. All I want for this documentary is to let more people know about the hard life of my friend.

They Call Us Maids – the Domestic Workers’ Story
directed by Leeds Animation Workshop

They Call Us Maids

Leeds Animation Workshop is a women’s collective… independent and not-for-profit…making and distributing short animated films since the late 1970s. Congratulations to Leeds Animation Workshop on 40 years of accomplishments! They Call Us Maids – the Domestic Workers’ Story is a hand-painted animated film about migrant women workers and modern slavery.

Terminal directed by Natasha Waugh


A girl and a woman meet in an airport departure gate. Just before they board a plane to Manchester, we witness a private exchange as they share the different reasons that brought them to this moment, and the traumatic journey that awaits them.

Respira directed by Amanda Pérez


Facing her inability to break her own record, a swimmer decides to take a breath and enjoy her surroundings for a moment.

Stay tuned for announcement of additional films…

“International Education Week honors the idea that global education and exchange help improve cultural understanding, preserve cultural heritage, and prepare individuals to work in a global society.”

The screening will take place in the intimate IU Libraries Screening Room on the ground floor of Herman B. Wells Library.