#DirectedbyWomen featured in Tea Talks with Tomeka Podcast

Tea Talks with Tomeka

I appreciated the opportunity to talk with Tomeka Winborne in her Tea Talks with Tomeka podcast. I’m sharing a few quotes from the 40 minute conversation. Hope you’ll take time to listen in… and then share with others. SO appreciative… 

“I’ve always been very interested in helping people create space for their creative work to flourish.”

“Global transformation is my area of emphasis. How can we dream a new world into being? How can we release our attachment to struggle and look instead creatively at forming new ways of connecting, new ways of seeing, so we don’t have to fight constantly against what we don’t like, but we can create new forms, new ways of seeing?”

“There are women all around the planet making work.”

“A lot of women make work for reasons other than having a career and this is something I think is extremely important… that we should not only put our attention on the work of women who are pursuing careers in film but think about what is it that women are expressing and why in their communities.  Who needs this work? So I look at work and I think… I don’t think “Is this good?” “Is this bad?” I think “Who else might want to see this work?”

“We’re taking our attention off of what we’re being told by the dominant culture demands our attention and we choose for ourselves what requires attention.”

“Notice the abundance…”