#DbW2018: Fem/Cine/Anarchy


“8 short films + NO admission (+ Pizza!) = FEM/CINE/ANARCHY FUN!”

Tonight September 20, 2018 at 7pm at SLAB Portland. “As part of #DirectedbyWomen and #Scalarama, this FREE popup screening event is curated by Kate Kaminski and presented by Gitgo Productions. This is the 4th annual Fem/Cine/Anarchy event and  and we have all the cinematic anarchy you can handle!”

The #DirectedbyWomen Worldwide Film Viewing Party just wouldn’t be the same without Fem/Cine/Anarchy!

Eager to learn more #DirectedbyWomen connected with a few of the filmmakers to get a glimpse into this fun contribution to the global celebration by asking them to respond to this one question:

“Could you please tell us about a moment during the making of your film when you could feel your vision coming together or when you overcame a challenge in a satisfying way?”

Here’s what Candice Vallantin, Amanda Bruton, and Jaanelle Yee had to say about their filmmaking processes.

Monday directed by Candice Vallantin

Candice Vallantin
Candice Vallantin

My favourite part of the filmmaking process is definitely the actual filming. Rarely am I as focused, alert, and alive, as I am on set. But with this project in particular, I felt as though the whole experience was filled with a lot of doubt. It was my first film, and I remember feeling really disenchanted with it halfway through editing. There´s something about being saturated in the same images over and over again in the editing room that can feel really overwhelming. However, once it was all over and I saw it on the big screen with a crowd of friends, I fell in love with it again, and I’m glad I pushed through.

I’m now working on two new projects—a feature documentary and another experimental short film—and my new motto is “trust the process.” I still have my moments of doubt, but I’m learning to enjoy the ups and downs a lot more. I try to remind myself that I make films because I love this work, so having fun is part of the ride.

Monday is an experimental film that explores the boundaries of narrative with dance and sound. Clara is suffocated by her commute, by her job, by her life. One day, drowning in anxiety, she finally reaches her breaking point.

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Nevertheless, She Auditioned directed by Amanda Bruton

Amanda BrutonThis was my first time directing so to be honest, I was flying by the seat of my pants. I’m an actor and writer by trade so I felt confident that I could direct the actors and communicate with them effectively. But I was far less confident when it came to the technical side of things. I was lucky enough to be working with an awesome female DP, Samantha Pyra, who was cognizant of both my strengths and short comings and provided the support I needed to get the job done. In fact, our entire on set crew was female which only added to the incredibly focused but also super fun and laidback atmosphere. One of my favorite moments on set was when Anna Suzuki was doing her final take and I had encouraged her to improvise as much as she liked for this particular take. She had all of us laughing so hard that I was literally biting my arm to stifle the laughter. To see it all coming together and to see everyone enjoying themselves and laughing, even though the subject of our film is not funny at its core, was a really awesome moment.

Nevertheless, She Auditioned is a comedic look at gender inequality in the audition room. Inspired by true stories.

Amanda Bruton is scheduled to be present for the Fem/Cine/Anarchy screening.

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Sell Your Body directed by Jaanelle Yee

Jaanelle Yee
Jaanelle Yee

The moment I truly felt the vision for SELL YOUR BODY come together was during the first rehearsal with my actors. The energy and humor between them was electric and I knew I had tapped into something genuine. We did a readthrough of the script where they kept reading lines I had written (and felt a little tired of after reading it over and over dozens of times during revisions) in ways that surprised me—I had never heard it like that in my head. The three actors were so quick and clever. They kept injecting their own humor in little ad libs that sprinkled in sparks of humor that elevated the base script in all the right moments. My favorite moment in the film wasn’t even in the script at all. It was a result of them chasing a funny moment of interaction on their own and it’s genius.

Sell Your Body is a millennial horror story about dating apps, crushing student debt, and dirty money.

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The screening will also include short films by Carese Bartlett, Charlotte Warren, Claudia Murray, Jody L. Miller, and Nat Luurtsema.


Slab Portland Patio: 25 Preble Street, Portland, ME