#Crucial21DbW: Unicorn Store directed by Brie Larson


In an adult-centric patriarchal society that smashes everything colorful, sparkly and whimsical, this movie is brave.

Unicorn Store, directed by and starring Brie Larson, shows us the story of Kit, a young woman who gets kicked out of art school for not fitting with the school canon. She returns to her parents’ home defeated and afraid she will be considered a disappointment to them and herself. Struggling to put behind her happy and unique self, she tries to become what an adult is supposed to be and gets a job as a temp in a regular office.

Unicorn Store

The film has a light-hearted component that makes it easy to like, with humorous moments and magical realism that tricks those who are not paying attention to the details. There is no point imposing our logic into her world. Talking about Jesus, Kit says “Who are we to say what is real or not in the mind of the true believer?”, a phrase that in my opinion turns is the core of the film. It is an invitation to leave our preconceived notions behind and watch the film with an open heart and mind.

Color is an important layer of the film. Kit adds color to monochromatic spaces in a literal and figurative way, representing her personality. Even when she tries to blend in at the office, there is always some colorful detail bursting out of her, and in moments when she totally embraces herself, she is an explosion of color and glitter.

Kit’s lessons during her journey are the same we all have to learn at some point growing up. Some people decide to kill their inner child to fit in, but do we all have to homologate in order to be taken seriously? In Unicorn Store, it shows us that we don’t through metaphors that illustrate how to preserve our childhood essence and magic without throwing it all into garbage. Staying true to yourself is the best way to see your wildest dreams materialize. That lesson is what makes this movie so great.

Unicorn Store is streaming now on Netflix. Follow Brie Larson on Instagram and Twitter.


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