#Crucial21DbW: Today Together, Tomorrow Too / Oggi insieme domani anche directed by Antonietta De Lillo


Italian filmmaker Antonietta De Lillo’s 2015 documentary Oggi insieme domani anche (Today Together, Tomorrow Too) delves into the sentimental life of couples, singles and communities revealing the complexities of love and relationships in the current social revolution happening in Italy—in particular with same-sex marriage. Through interviews with couples, she studied love in times of crisis and in times of happiness. She looked through family movies and photos, which captured important life events such as weddings, ceremonies and anniversaries. She also studied the cause and effect of separations and traumas.

“I wanted to show the annals of our country, bringing together what many authors avoid, which is a “narrative” of the (political) party from whom Italy was afflicted for the last two decades and that made us lose sight of a shared sense of belonging. Love, which is the theme of this film, is the feeling that moves our relationships and so it seemed the right instrument to use in returning to a portrait of Italy today, to show our changes and our revolutions,” explains De Lillo.

In particular, De Lillo examines how the institution of marriage in Italy has changed since the referendum on divorce in 1974 which gave Italians the opportunity to appeal a law passed three years earlier allowing divorce for the first time in modern Italian history. The voter turnout was epic and the divorce law remained in force. “We are facing a new great revolution of the family, of the nuclei, relationships and personal relationships, as in the time of the referendum on divorce when there was a massive response from civil society. Today, we are going beyond what modern society says- who we are supposed to be with,” said De Lillo.

The protagonists in the film are people very different from each other and the beauty of the film is precisely this—that all these stories coexist in harmony and without any judgment. In reality, everyone is fighting to live his or her own life in a way that reflects their personal ideals. Today Together, Tomorrow Too expresses the ideas of all these people, creating an ideal situation in which there is room for all kinds of love.

Today Together, Tomorrow Too / Oggi insieme domani anche is distributed by Mariechiaro Films.


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