#Crucial21DbW: The Sisterhood of Night directed by Caryn Waechter


Teenage girls have been creating high school cliques since the beginning of time. Well, at least since the beginning of high schools. In Caryn Waechter’s film, The Sisterhood of Night, a group of high school girls form a bond that becomes the talk of the town for it’s mysterious going ons. They meet in the dark each night and do… what exactly? The girls who are not invited into this clique want to know, need to know, what exactly is so special about this click and more importantly, what’s so not special about them that keeps them uninvited. One girl in-particular, a blogger without a following, does not handle this non inclusion well.

There’s a story line with one of the main characters, Catherine (Willa Cuthrell), and her mom, who is very sick, that I was especially pulled into. Catherine’s response to her mother’s illness is not what we normally see on screen. In this film, I could actually feel the fear of potential loss and even come to a place of understanding of why she behaves the way she does. There’s another character who desperately wants her blog to be more popular and she will do whatever it takes for that to happen. This goal may seem shallow at first but it’s handled in such a way that it reminds us how powerful the need to belong really is. The filmmakers manages to get me to sympathize with all the characters, which is no small feat.

The Sisterhood of Night is an enthralling story about jealousy, fitting in, friendship and most of all, compassion. I was moved to tears by the end and captivated the entire time.

The Sisterhood of Night is available to stream on Amazon Prime. Follow Caryn Waechter on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and her website.


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