#Crucial21DbW: Muted directed by Rachel Goldberg


Muted is a short film directed by Rachel Goldberg, written and produced by Brandi Ford and produced by Tara Tomicevic. It stars Chandra Wilson (Grey’s Anatomy) and Malcolm-Jamal Warner (The Cosby Show). 

I found this short film important because it represents the countless number of children of color that go missing and the lack of effort put into finding them by the police and media until it’s too late. 

This short film wonderfully captured the pain and fear of the African American family searching for their missing child. Regardless of race or ethnicity, no family wants to learn that their child, sister or brother, cousin, niece or nephew has not come home and is in possible danger. The fears of those family members are the same. 

There’s a scene after the police leave the family’s house when the mother breaks down. I felt her cry in my soul which led me to tears. This mother not only represented any African American mother but she represents a mother to any child that is missing. I hope this film will inspire police departments, media and communities to take every missing child seriously. Even if the child ran away, we would rather be on the side of prevention than grieving. 

Many children that are kidnapped are often led into sex trafficking. The first 24 hours of children going missing are crucial.

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