#Crucial21DbW: Blood and Chocolate directed by Katja von Garnier


Blood and Chocolate is a fantastic werewolf film based off the novel by the same name by Annette Curtis. Its screenplay was written by Ehren Kruger and Christopher Landon. Blood and Chocolate is one of my all time favorite films and is the only movie based on a book that I like better than the book.

Based in Budapest, Romania, Blood and Chocolate follows 19-year-old Vivian, a member of a secret society of werewolves. Unlike the monsters we’ve all seen in horror films over the years, these werewolves transform into actual wolves and are beautiful and graceful creatures.

Blood and Chocolate

Vivian’s struggle begins when the leader of her pack, Gabriel, decides that she is to be his next wife and queen. She wants nothing to do with him. Then one day, while musing over her thoughts in a closed cathedral, Vivian runs into American graphic novel artist, Aiden. The connection between the two is instant but Vivian has to keep it a secret from her world and keep her secret from Aiden. Eventually the secret gets out when Gabriel sends a couple of werewolves to kill Aiden and Aiden barely escapes with his life. Then Vivian is forced to choose between her pack and the love of her life.

This film is beautifully shot. The architecture of the city was not missed and taking the pack’s hunt of Aiden in a wolf point of view was a brilliant idea. It made the entire scene that much more frightening. The close-up shots of the wolves transforming from human to wolf are amazing. It makes the moment feel extremely mystical. Vivian’s turmoil between following her heart and following her pack is beautifully shot with multiple shot angles, close ups, and wide shots. I think it took a woman to truly bring to screen the agony that Vivian was feeling because Vivian was written by a woman.

All in all, Blood and Chocolate is a must see for any fantasy/horror fan!

Blood and Chocolate is available to purchase on disc on Amazon. It is also available to stream on Amazon Prime.


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