Author Marci McCaulay and Robin Bartlett

Marci McCaulay and Robin Bartlett

Robin and Marci each grew up in Indiana in large Catholic families. Robin is from Muncie and Marci is from Columbus. After her undergraduate work at Western College for Women in Oxford, Ohio, Robin went to Michigan State University to complete her doctorate in Economics. Marci did her undergraduate work at Indiana University and then went to the University of Colorado where she received a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. They both began their professional careers at Denison University, a liberal arts college located in the village of Granville, Ohio. Robin came to Denison in 1974 and Marci arrived in 1981. It was at Denison that they met and began what is now a 37+ year relationship. They got married last year. Robin retired from Denison in 2018. During her time at Denison she taught in and served as chair of the Economics Department and the Women’s Studies and Queer Studies programs. Marci retired from Denison in 2017. She held a variety of positions during her time at Denison, including teaching in Psychology and Women’s Studies. Most recently she served as the Director of the Center for Women and Gender Action. They both appreciate the increased flexibility that retirement has brought to their lives, including having more time for travel. They and their two dogs, Dylan and Indie, are enjoying taking road trips in their teardrop trailer. The year of the Stonewall riots, 1969, was a significant year in both Robin and Marci’s lives. Robin graduated from college that year and Marci graduated from high school. They have witnessed many changes in themselves and in the world around them in the time that they have been together and before. They have always welcomed opportunities to engage in social activism in the communities in which they have lived and worked and look forward to their next adventures. [Photo Credit: Joel Lee]