Author Kristen Muenz

Kristen Muenz

Kristen Muenz is an archivist and proud graduate of  Indiana University Libraries Moving Image Archive (IULMIA)'s grad student worker cohort. She is now an audiovisual archivist at the Cincinnati History Library and Archives at the Cincinnati Museum Center. Her professional interests include the preservation of audiovisual material of all kinds and the unwavering promotion of diversity in archival collections.

Insights Year of the Woman

Year of the Woman: A Critique on Critiques

Completed in 1973, by first time female filmmaker, Sandra Hochman (known primarily for her poetry and journalism), Year of the Woman documents various interviews, discussions, and interventions by members of the Women’s Movement in the 1972 Democratic National Convention—specifically focused around questioning the media’s limited coverage of African-American Democratic Presidential candidate Shirley Chisholm and examining the role of women in politics at large.