agnès films: With Just $1, You Can Help Support The #DirectedbyWomen Initiative


“Often we look around the world, observe the chaos, and feel it’s beyond our ability to move forward in more beautiful ways, but in community we can dream a new world into being… I invite people to step into this community $1 at a time.”

Agnès films shared an engaging article about the #DirectedbyWomen initiative and the new Patreon campaign “designed to create a sustainable stream of support in a way that doesn’t put undue pressure on any individuals who want to participate.” I love the way this article came out. I really think it captures the essence of #DirectedbyWomen. What do you think? I hope it inspires you to join in.

Read With Just $1, You Can Help Support The #DirectedbyWomen Initiative on agnès films, then head to the Patreon page to lend your support. Thank you!

“…the simple act of dedicating $1 to the Patreon imbues the work with each person’s intention that the project will thrive. And together we grow a global film community that is appreciative of the creative expression of women filmmakers.”


Barbara Ann O’Leary
Catalyst, #DirectedbyWomen


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