2 years ago today the #DirectedbyWomen vision began to emerge

Sometimes Facebook’s obsession with memory comes in handy. Today I received a reminder that I first posted my intention to mobilize #DirectedbyWomen on April 30, 2014.  I didn’t quite have the name sorted out by then, but the energy for this initiative had definitely started to flow. And now – two years later – the #DirectedbyWomen Worldwide Film Viewing Party has become an ongoing global celebration. I’m grateful to everyone who has felt inspired to join the party!

Re-reading the post I’d shared on my O’Leary’s Reel Life Tumblr, I noticed that there’s still a lot more to do!  I look forward to seeing what arises next and I’m eager to co-create the experience with you.

Here’s the blog post from April 30, 2014.  Enjoy!  I hope it inspires you. And stay tuned for an announcement May 1st, when we’ll be 4 months out from the next #DirectedbyWomen Worldwide Film Viewing Party!


As I come to the end of A Yearlong Film Viewing Balancing Act, during which I dedicated myself to inviting authentic creative expression to flourish in the world in a balanced and harmonious way by bringing my attention to – and opening to receive – the creative motion picture outpourings of women and men filmmakers in equal measure, I set new intentions to be of service to this bold perceptual shift as it unfolds, making way for exciting opportunities for film artists and film lovers to express themselves and have their work received.

I dedicate myself to authentic creative expression through film, inspiring balance and harmony in the world through celebration and support of filmmakers who are coming from a deep rich place with their work.

I say YES to fostering a culture of generosity, appreciation, openness, and ease in the global film community with a particular eye to galvanizing a film audience for women made films and helping women film artists’ work to flow beautifully in the world. I see myself helping to build a worldwide HUNGER for women made films. I envision greater opportunities arising for women with deep, bold, authentic vision to step up to feed that hunger and receive sustenance in return.

I see AYNI – reciprocity and right relationship – permeating every aspect of the film world as more and more film lovers shift their perceptions to recognize and welcome the growing contributions of women film artists around the planet.

Initiatives to fuel this vision include:

~ Launching a Beijing+20 Worldwide Film Viewing Party in September 2015 (the 20th anniversary of the UN Conference on Women) – encouraging people all over the globe to screen films made by women in as many places as possible… and sharing films by as many different women as possible. I see this initiative as a catalyst that can help the world make a fantastic leap forward in the process of creating habits of sharing and receiving women made films.

~ Establishing a web series about film arising from women film artists worldwide… with accompanying blog. This will be a co-creative, ever expanding expression of growing activity by women film artists and venues sharing their work robustly in every corner of the globe.

~ Writing a film loving memoir: a wildly subjective and idiosyncratic look back at my cinema life – O’Leary’s Reel Life.

~ Screenwriting a feature film unfolding the compelling story of a filmmaker coming out of the shadows of her world famous creative parents to find her own forms of expression.

~ Mobilizing my shamanic capacities in support of women (and men) film artists as they clarify vision, jettison old beliefs/habits/energy patterns impeding creative flow, manifest richly nuanced and vibrant work, and connect profitably and dynamically with audiences eager to embrace their creations. I absolutely love showing up and choosing to be present in this way with filmmakers and other creative beings. I’m humbled by the opportunity to witness the transformative power indwelling in each creative being I have the privilege of supporting.

I honor all the vision and energy already in service to these expansive intentions wherever they are taking place. I’m thrilled by the relationships within the global film world that have already arisen in my life and I look forward to connecting with as many people as possible to work co-creatively in support of this transformation.

I embark on this journey immediately. I welcome allies along the way.

Find me on Twitter or Facebook. I can’t wait to engage with you.


Barbara Ann O’Leary

And the adventure continues…