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4th Women Media Arts and Film Festival

September 2, 2017 - September 3, 2017

4th Women Media Arts and Film Festival

Women Media Arts and Film Festival is dedicated to all women of the world will celebrate its 4th edition at the Newington Armory Theatre and Tunnels (Sydney Olympic Park) as well as Macquarie University (Faculty of Arts) during September 02-03, 2017.  WMAFF 2017 will be a part of Sydney Fringe Festival this year for the first time presenting 11 feature films, 43 short fiction and 8 documentary films and 10 media arts, animation and experimental works from 32 countries.

‘The amount of films written, directed and produced by women received this year is almost 40% increase from the last edition in 2016.  We were overwhelmed by the quality of films submitted in 2017 that made it very difficult for us to eliminate titles due to restricted timeframe.’ Says Maryam Kassaie (Festival Co-curator)

Among many multi-award winning feature films presented this year are Cloud Nine [Australian Premiere] by Anne-Marieke Graafmans from the Netherlands, Rupa’s Boutique [International Premiere] by Glória Halász from Spain and India, Ann [Asia-Pacific Premiere] by Carla Forte from USA and Maria Converses [Asia-Pacific Premiere] by Lydia Zimmermann from Spain.

‘It is an amazing discovery when we’re confronted with women filmmakers’ unique way of looking at the world as we often see the world from male point of view.  It is fresh, exciting and enlightening when becoming familiar with alternative perceptions of life on earth.’ Says Vahid Vahed (Festival Co-Curator)

The festival present multi-award winning short films in fiction category such as Age of the Moon by Shirley J Kim-Ryu from USA, Look into my Eyes by Olga Alamán from Spain, Night of Brass by Anna van Keimpema from the Netherlands, Pink by Memi Koupa from Greece, Side Effect by Veronika Galkina from Russia and Somersault by Kate Lefoe from Australia.


‘We are very excited to be a part of Sydney Fringe Festival this year representing Western Sydney for the first time in the recent history of SFF.  We are also in a process of becoming a partner with Macquarie University (Media and Communication Department) to reach wider audiences.’ Says Ms Kassaie

The festival presents a series of short documentaries with momentous subject matters defining the roles of women in everyday society referring to personal, social, cultural, political and economical discourses surrounding them. Among these powerful award winning documentaries are Forty Years by Irene Lusztig from USA, In the Heart of Vivianne Gauthier by Marie-Claude Fournier from Canada, Making in a Living in the Dry Season by Ines Ponte from Angola and Portugal, The Witcher by Maja Tschumi from Switzerland and Heidi by Fatema Abdoolcarim from Denmark.

‘The festival has a great line up of media arts, animation and experimental works this year among them are Double A by Yevgeniya Men from Australia, Light Play by Anne-Marie Bouchard from Canada, NYC by Danil Krivoruchko from USA and Please Listen! by Natalia Alfutova  from Russia.’ Says Mr. Vahed

The festival will be held in multiple venues around the Newington Armory from 11:00 to 16:00 on Saturday September 02, and Sunday September 03, 2017.  There will be possible sessions in the evenings held at Macquarie University.

WMAFF 2017 ~ Official Selection

Feature Films

Carla Forte
Fiction-Experimental 78′ USA 2016

Cloud Nine
Anne-Marieke Graafmans
Documentary 53′ The Netherlands 2016

Happily Ever After
Nada Riyadh and Ayman El Amir
Documentary 68′ Egypt 2016

Maria Converses
Lydia Zimmermann
Documentary 61′ Spain 2016

Rupa’s Boutique
Glória Halász
Documentary 52’52” Hungary-India 2017

The Golden Wing
Bobby Sarma baruah
Fiction 81′ India 2016

We Don’t Exist
Ana Solano
Documentary-Experimental 64′ Spain-France 2015

Short Films (Fiction)

16 Weeks
Carlota Coronado
Fiction 16’05” Spain 2017

Age of the Moon
Shirley J Kim-Ryu
Fiction 11′ USA 2017

Galina Shiyan
Fiction 01′ Russia 2016

As Earthquakes
Catalina González Piffre
Fiction 19′ Chile 2016

Robin Conly
Fiction 10’52” USA 2016

Olga Chernykh
Fiction 06’12” Ukraine 2017

Georgia Lee
Fiction 15’02” UK 2017

From Bella
Tammy Weller
Fiction 04′ Australia 2017

Here I Come
Alena Oleynik
Fiction 16’09” Russia 2016

Gabriel Gonda
Fiction 16’59” USA 2017

Lidiya Huzhva
Fiction 12′ Ukraine 2017

Marcia Beatriz Granero
Fiction 09′ Brazil 2016

Look into my Eyes
Olga Alamán
Fiction 05’07” Spain 2016

Joanne Rakotoarisoa
Fiction 09’53” France 2017

Love in Motion
Leanne Campbell
Fiction 07’25” Australia 2017

Marta González
Fiction 07′ Spain 2017

Night of Brass
Anna van Keimpema
Fiction 15′ The Netherlands 2016

Alessia Cecchet
Fiction-Animation 12’09” Italy-USA 2016

Memi Koupa
Fiction 14′ Greece 2016

Marysia Nikitiuk
Fiction 20’28” Ukraine 2017

Side Effect
Veronika Galkina
Fiction 14’56” Russia 2016

Anabel Caso
Fiction 08’20” Mexico 2016

Somersault Pike
Kate Lefoe
Fiction 06’30” Australia 2016

Spring Dance
Salla Sorri
Fiction 15′ Finland 2017

Sunday Melodies
Aline Djayasukmana
Fiction 18’01” Indonesia 2017

Taisia Reshetnikova
Fiction 15′ Russia 2017

Take the Reins
Emma Barrett
Fiction 17′ USA 2016

The Arrival
Dawn Luebbe & Jocelyn DeBoer
Fiction 15′ USA 2017

The Clot
Parastoo Alinasab
Fiction-Experimental 10’05” Iran 2017

The Elusive
Ely Chevillot
Fiction 18′ Belgium 2016

Bojdo Fiction 04’17” Poland 2016

Toward the Ocean
Sara Summa
Fiction 21′ Germany 2017

Trust Me
Gyulyara Meliki
Fiction 20′ Switzerland, UK 2017

Emanuelle Ranger Lemire
Fiction 15′ Canada 2015

Woman With an Editing Bench
Karen Pearlman
Fiction 11′ Australia 2016

Short Films (Documentary)

A Hole in the Leg
Martine Asselin
Documentary-Animation 05′ Canada 2016

Forty Years
Irene Lusztig
Documentary-Experimental 12′ USA 2016

Fatema Abdoolcarim
Documentary 07′ Denmark 2016

In the Heart of Vivianne Gauthier
Marie-Claude Fournier
Documentary 12′ Canada 2017

Laughter Through Tears
Arina Chasovskih
Documentary 03’27” Russia 2017

Making in a Living in the Dry Season
Ines Ponte
Documentary 35′ Angola-Portugal 2016

Maria Sedyaeva
Documentary-Animation 04’14” Russia 2017

The Witcher
Maja Tschumi
Documentary 21’17” Switzerland 2017

Media Arts – Experimental & Animation

Blue Pen
Julie McNamara and Caglar Kimyoncu
Experimental 18’20” UK 2016

Double A
Yevgeniya Men
Experimental 04’35” Australia 2017

I Laugh Because You Bring Your Ass to the Party
Sandra Araújo
Animation-Experimental 02’54” Portugal 2014

Light Play
Anne-Marie Bouchard
Animation-Experimental 07′ Canada 2017

Stefani Speerin
Experimental 14′ Australia 2017

Danil Krivoruchko
Animation-Experimental 02’28” USA 2016

Please Listen!
Natalia Alfutova
Animation-Experimental 03’34” Russia 2014

Carla Forte
Experimental 04′ USA 2017

The Island
Anna Woch
Experimental 05’41” Canada 2016

Ana Barroso
Experimental 15’32” Portugal 2016

Please contact Festival Curators for publicity purposes;
Tel: 0402707010 E: director@cinewest.org W: www.cinewest.org (festival updates, program and bookings).

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September 2, 2017
September 3, 2017
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