We’re throwing a GLOBAL party and you’re invited…

We're bringing the global film community together for a powerful 15 day worldwide film viewing party rejoicing in the incredible diversity of films #DirectedbyWomen: September 1-15, 2015.

During this exuberant celebration, film lovers will gather together in their communities around the world for film screenings & guest filmmaker visits designed to focus attention on and offer appreciation for women film directors and their work.


We're inviting the world to fall madly in love with & wildly celebrate films #DirectedbyWomen!

Let's build a culture of appreciation!

Ways to engage in the 15 day celebration include...

Solo Celebrations... Family Movie Nights... House Parties... Filmmaker Visits & Screenings in Cinemas & Community Centers... Get creative! Go ahead… fall in love!

stills from films #DirectedbyWomen

How many films #DirectedbyWomen can we celebrate during the 15 day worldwide film viewing party this September?
Let's find out!

We know there are MANY more films #DirectedbyWomen. Help us build awareness.


Compelling reasons to throw a #DirectedbyWomen worldwide film viewing party...

Raise awareness

about films #DirectedbyWomen

Awaken a deep hunger

for the amazing films #DirectedbyWomen

Create a culture of appreciation

and inclusivity within the global film community

Expand opportunities

to experience films #DirectedbyWomen

Fall madly in love

with films #DirectedbyWomen

Have fun

wildly celebrating films #DirectedbyWomen!


We celebrate Wayfinders

...groups & individuals who make way for women film directors to flourish!

All around the world there are groups and individuals helping women directors to flourish.

Which WAYFINDERS do you want to celebrate? We're accepting nominations.

Tell us whose amazing work on behalf of women film directors the global film community should honor and celebrate?


Make the #DirectedbyWomen Worldwide Film Viewing Party a huge success!