Author Jessiline Berry

Jessiline Berry

Jessiline Berry is a producer, writer/director, and founder of FemmeMaker Productions, an organization dedicated to empowering women in film, both in front of and behind the camera. FemmeMaker also provides script consulting to a diverse roster of individual writers and production companies through its service, Fade Out, which also hosts a variety of short-term writing workshops and retreats designed to connect writers to their characters and inner muses. Jessiline has worked in varying capacities with Character Studies Productions, BET Networks, Bassett Vance Productions, and Lee Daniels Entertainment. The National Black Programming Consortium called her, “a writer/director to watch,” and she is an alumna of the Guy Hanks and Marvin Miller Writing Program (aka, the Cosby Writing Program) and the Film Independent Screenwriters Lab. Jessiline currently teaches television and screenwriting in Los Angeles, CA, and is developing film and television scripts.

Conversations Deborah Goodwin

Deborah Goodwin: Questioning is Part of the Journey

My main thought was…first of all, the question of questioning yourself should be something that is part of your faith journey. I mean, I don’t think there can be a faith journey without having doubts. It was trying to give this character real doubts, and then real obstacles that would test his resolve. Gandhi said you have to kill the will to kill. That’s how you change violence.