Barbara Ann O’Leary talks about #DirectedbyWomen with African Women in Cinema’s Beti Ellerson

“The intention of the #DirectedbyWomen Worldwide Film Viewing Party is to invite film lovers to become aware of the thousands and thousands of women who have directed/are directing films, to inspire exploration and appreciation of their work, and to foster a sense of growing community among film lovers. Ultimately the intention is to help the world fall madly in love with films by women directors.”

Thanks to Beti Ellerson for inviting me to share about #DirectedbyWomen Worldwide Film Viewing Party on African Women in Cinema. Read the full interview here

If you’re not already following African Women in Cinema on Twitter and Facebook, now’s a good time to rectify that situation. The richness of what Beti’s bringing forward continually astounds me.

Leila Kincaid: Magical circles to honor women film directors

Film lover/maker Leila Kincaid is inviting friends and neighbors to engage the appreciative and celebratory energies of the #DirectedbyWomen Worldwide Film Viewing Party this September through a series of house parties in and around her home in the Pacific Northwest, USA.  Here’s a glimpse into what she has envisioned… Continue reading “Leila Kincaid: Magical circles to honor women film directors”

Join us today! Solstice/Full Moon #DirectedbyWomen Timeline Hack-a-thon

Solstice/Full Moon #DirectedbyWomen Timeline Hack-a-thon


You’re invited to participate in a 12 hour marathon timeline editing session to enhance visibility of women film directors and their work.

Timeline Icon#DirectedbyWomen has recently launched a new TIMELINE feature on the website. There’s a lot of wonderful information already included AND there’s still so much more to incorporate. Let’s make this Solstice a time where we greatly increase access to information about women film directors. Please join us!

1) Expand content on #DirectedbyWomen Timelines
2) Invite film lovers to fall madly in love with films #DirectedbyWomen
3) Have fun

TIME COMMITMENT: Whatever amount of time you want to contribute. It’s up to you. The hack-a-thon will be going on for 12 hours from 11:30am EDT to 11:30pm EDT.

Participate when you can.
We’re coordinating our activities on the Solstice/Full Moon #DirectedbyWomen Timeline Hack-a-thon Facebook Event Page… Join us. It’s going to be SO MUCH FUN!

Barbara Kopple #DirectedbyWomen Timeline


Barbara Ann O’Leary
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