We’re throwing a WORLDWIDE FILM VIEWING PARTY… and you’re invited

You’re invited to co-create the party… wherever you are…

This is a joyous celebration… an opportunity to notice, explore, share, and delight in films/tv/webseries/expanded cinema and all other forms of motion picture creativity #DirectedbyWomen and Girls!

#DirectedbyWomen Worldwide Film Viewing PartySeptember 1-30, 2017

Why?  Because it’s going to be SO MUCH FUN!  Continue reading →

Marisol Gomez-Mouakad: Moving Forward


#DirectedbyWomen had the chance to connect with Marisol Gómez-Mouakad this month following the premiere of her film Angélica, which takes its protagonist home to Puerto Rico… and through a journey of personal discovery.

DBW: Your film Angélica recently received its world premiere at Curacao International Film Festival Rotterdam and I believe you were in attendance. Can you share something about the experience?

MG-M: It was incredible. The audience really responded to the film. The first night we had a packed house. The second we had a good-sized audience and the last day was sold out. The audience really connected to the film, which was a surprise. When you make a film you hope to connect but you never know if they will.Continue reading →

Pirjo Ojala and Anna Venäläinen: Identity and humanity

Karli: Burning Voices

Two Finnish creatives—Director Pirjo Ojala and choreographer Anna Venäläinen—have teamed up to create Burning Voices, a documentary that “combines dance, interviews, abstract images and images of everyday life into a multilayered film, exploring and contemplating the complexity of surviving violence and building an identity.”  They are currently crowdfunding for resources to facilitate filming in Pakistan. The production will also take the team to Uganda and the US.

#DirectedbyWomen had the chance to talk with Pirjo and Anna this week.Continue reading →

Alexandra Hidalgo: Feminist Visionary

During a recent conversation with filmmaker, teacher, activist, & visionary Alexandra Hidalgo, I had a chance to ask her about the incredible work she’s doing to move us forward in our understanding and practice of feminist filmmaking. She is involved in many different projects.  We moved from topic to topic, becoming deeply engrossed.

I hope you find the discussion invigorating and informative.  I have to say that after the conversation concluded I realized we hadn’t even talked about her new film, which screens at Capital City Film Festival in Lansing, MI tonight!  So before diving into the conversation, please enjoy this trailer of Teta, the story of Alexandra’s journey nursing her youngest son, Santiago, for twenty-two months.Continue reading →