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September 1st. We are now officially 1 year away from the launch of #DirectedbyWomen, a 15 day worldwide film viewing party!

Mark your calendars for September 1 - 15, 2015.  And begin now to look around to discover how many different places films/tv/web series/home movies/other moving images #DirectedbyWomen or girls can be celebrated.  Let’s find out how many different motion pictures #DirectedbyWomen we can view and appreciate in those 15 days. 

Women directors ask, “Can my film be included?” YES.  Definitely.  Every motion picture #DirectedbyWomen can have a place in this global celebration.  We’re all going to step up and make events happen in our own communities and households. 

Let’s light the world up with films #DirectedbyWomen!

Can’t wait to celebrate with you.

Barbara Ann O’Leary

Please send love to Feminist Film Fest, which launches August 30 & 31st in Dublin. If you can join them, GREAT. If not, please take a moment to pass the word to friends and drop them a note letting them know you appreciate the work they are doing.

We’re building a deep culture of appreciation in the global film community.  Small actions of acknowledgement and appreciation can make huge impacts in the world. Thanks for join in.

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